The Met:Live in HD’s transmission of Verdi’s Nabucco, starring Plácido Domingo, on Saturday, January 7, 2017 took in an estimated attendance of 88,032 in North America earning a gross of $1.94 million. The opera was seen live on more than 900 screens. An estimated additional 115,000 people saw it live on 800 screens in 37 countries in Europe, 11 countries in Latin America, Russia, Egypt, Israel, Jamaica, and Morocco. Nabucco encores at Palace Cineplex this Sunday, January 15,2017 at 11:30 am.

L-R: Jodi-Ann Blake and Betsy Bandy

L-R: Jodi-Ann Blake and Betsy Bandy enjoyed Nabucco.

Luisa Gutiéttrez, Charge d’Affaires of The Venezuelan Embassy in Jamaica and her husband, Luis Felipe Bellorin, Venezuelan, musician and poet.

Opera fans attending the LIVE in HD transmission last Saturday at Carib 5 had high praises for Verdi’s masterpiece and notably performances, by Plácido Domingo in a new baritone role as Nabucco, or Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, Bass, Dmitri Belosselskiy who sang the role of Zaccaria, High Priest of the Israelites and Soprano, Liudmyla Monastyrska as Abigaille, the warrior slave determined to rule.

L-R: John and Sheila Waite, Joan Stone and Emma Crooks had a great time at the Live in HD performance of Nabucco at Carib 5.

L-R: John and Sheila Waite, Joan Stone and Emma Crooks had a great time at The Met:Live in HD performance of Nabucco at Carib 5.

The star power of James Levine and Plácido Domingo
Also an accomplished musician and conductor, Plácido Domingo’s reputation as a singer always proceeds him and as with most of his other appearances at the Met, Nabucco has sold out. Perhaps the most poignant scene of the opera and testimony to Domingo’s skill and expertise is in Act 4 when, -after having gone mad and wandering in the wilderness, he sees his precious daughter, Fenena being led to her death, – he submits to God in supplication, flat on his stomach (and at now at age seventy-five), belts out an entire aria – Dio di Giuda / “God of Judah. He begs for forgiveness, and promises to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and convert to Judaism if his prayers are answered.

Music Director Emeritus , James Levine conducted the Met orchestra at its beguiling best and true to expectations, after resounding and prolonged applause to most fabulous aria in Nabucco, Va pensiero (“Fly, thought, on golden wings”) in Act 3, the capacity audience of three thousand Eight Hundred people watching live at the Met in New York and another well over one Hundred Thousand viewers in theaters worldwide, were treated to a most delightful encore of this the stirring and emotive aria, sung by the chorus of Hebrew slaves in Act 3. In Verdi’s day Va pensiero became a rallying call for Italian patriots determined to free their motherland from Austrian rule.

While the success of an opera of Nabucco’s magnitude is the collaborative effort of the entire cast and crew, the wow factor of the two septuagenarians, Placido Domingo and his longtime collaborator James Levine cannot be overstated.