April 5, 2017

The design from Jérôme Kaplan is lush and indulgent, his costumes essential to Ratmansky’s version of the story.
– The Guardian

Ratmansky has packed his Cinderella with loveable characters, warm humour and meaty choreography, creating a wonderful modern fairytale
-The Age

Witty, vibrant, glamorous and romantic, Alexei Ratmansky’s Cinderella will sweep you off your feet as this stunning production comes to Palace Cineplex, Sunday, April 9, 2107, 11:30 am in an encore performance, captured directly from the stage in Melbourne.

Leanne Stojmenov as Cinderella and her prince in a scene from The Australian Ballet’s witty and vibrant performance of Cinderella.

As Cinderella works to support her stepmother and sisters, she watches as they prepare for a magnificent ball being held by the Prince of the land, knowing that they will not permit her to attend. When they leave, she imagines herself dancing at the ball in a beautiful gown wishing that she could attend. The Fairy Godmother takes pity on her and visits Cinderella to transform her rags into a ball gown, transporting her to the ball and warning her that the magic will vanish at Midnight. At the ball Cinderella meets the Prince and it is love at first sight – but at the strike of twelve midnight she runs from the ballroom leaving her slipper behind. Travelling the land, the Prince searches for his lost true love, and the moment that Cinderella fits the slipper they live happily ever after.

(l-r) Ingrid Gow (stepsister, Skinny), Amy Harris (Stepmother) and Eloise Fryer (stepsister,Dumpy), in a scene from The Australian Ballet’s Cinderella.

Hailed as “effervescent and fun as festive champagne” [Daily Telegraph] and “exquisite from start to finish” [Crikey] – if you’ve never experienced the magic of ballet before, see why Cinderella is the perfect fit.

Ratmansky, the most in-demand choreographer in the world and the master of the modern story ballet, fills every bar of Prokofiev’s cinematic score as he charts Cinderella’s journey from rags to rapture. Jerôme Kaplan’s vivid, sophisticated designs draw inspiration from Dior, Schiaparelli, the elegance of 1940s Hollywood, and Surrealist art.

Leanne Stojmenov dances the title role in The Australian Ballet’s Cinderella. Encore perforrnance on screen at Palace Cineplex, Sunday, April 9, 2017.