April 13, 2017

Kingston, Jamaica

Pictorial Highlights of Jamaican Teas Group’s AGM 2017

The trailblazing Jamaican Teas Limited (JTL),  staged its Group’s  Annual General Meeting, AGM,  at the new Courtyard Marriott in Kingston on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

The Board of Directors of Jamaican Teas Limited. L-R: John Jackson, Chairman, John Mahfood, Managing Director, Violet Mahfood, former Director, Suzette Smellie-Tomlinson, Marcos Dabdoub and Duncan Davidson.

Shareholders register at the Jamaican Teas AGM.

The Group on Companies comprises Jamaican Teas Limited  with its Tetley and Caribbean Dreams lines, H. Mahfood and Sons Limited, which owns a warehouse and other real estate in Kingston, JRG Shoppers’ Delite Limited, which operates a supermarket in Kingston.

John Mahfood, Managing Director of Jamaican Teas delivers an address.

Among the highlights announced were JTL’s increase in export sales of 8 percent moving from $370 million in 2015 to $400 million in 2016, resulting from increased distribution  in the United States, as well as tthe Caribbean. The Company also launched  eight new products were launched during the year, including  -Whole Sorrel, Cocoa-Nut – coconut flavoured cocoa; Jamaican Sorrel with Ginger; Soursop With Honey; Neem – Natural Herbal Teas, Chicken Noodle and Pumpkin – Packet Soups and Sea Salt.

Shareholders  took advantage of the Q&A segment at the AGM.

The number of shareholders has increased by almost one hundred percent in one year moving from some 300 to over 600 members.

JTL Chairman, John Jackson tells shareholders of the Group’s acquisition of  Government of Jamaica’s preference shares in KIW International Limited.

After the meeting shareholders were treated to a sumptuous fare.

JTL Director, Suzette Smellie-Tomlinson discussed the Group’s Annual Report with shareholder, Sushil Jain.

Violet Mahfood at left cit chats with her son John Mahfood and French exchange student, Claire at JTL’s 2017 AGM.