October 11, 2017

Alternative Content returns to Palace Multiplex, Montego Bay

For the next four months Montegonians will get back in on the action with Alternative Content when Palace Multiplex shows your favourite National Theatre Live plays starting Thursday October 12, 2017  at 6:00 p.m. with a must-see encore of Obsession starring Jude Law. Tickets are available at box office or online at www.palaceamusement.com.

Oscar® nominee Jude Law, delivers a mesmerizing performance in Ivo van Hove’s complex production of erotic passion and intense affection, Obsession. The play follows the story of a handsome wanderer, Gino (Jude Law) who is immediately captivated by Giovanna (Halina Reijn), the wife of a proprietor Giuseppe, after seeing her for the first time at a roadside gas station in a remote location.