May 30, 2018

Palace Cineplex

The prestigious cultural experience of London’s West End drama, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, will be offered exclusively at Palace Cineplex, on Sunday, June 3, 2018 in an encore show.  Benedict Andrews’ radical update of Tennessee Williams’ stupendous drama classic, delivers emotional intensity, captured with leavening humour and a blistering performance by the entire cast.

Set in Mississippi, it is the 65th birthday of bitter, bullying self-made man Big Daddy Pollitt (Colm Meaney). His wife, two adult sons and their families have gathered for the highly anticipated party.  Unbeknownst to the family, Big Daddy is dying of cancer, which means the fierce but covert battle to inherit his vast estate has begun. Maggie (Sienna Miller) is married to the favourite but prodigal son Brick (Jack O’ Connell), a one-time golden boy American football hero who has spiraled downward into alcoholism.

Jack O’Connell as Brick and Sienna Miller as Maggie in the National Theatre Live: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

At the helm of this production is the multi-award winning Australian director of theatre and opera, Benedict Andrews. Over the past decade, Andrews has built up a remarkable and singular body of work in Australia and Europe. He is known for his radical versions of masterpieces by Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov and Tennessee Williams, as well as his versions of cutting edge contemporary writers.  He flexes his illuminating ideas in this production, which centers on symbolism. The scenic realism is expelled, and the stage is dominated by a bed and a shower, used by the tormented Brick (Jack O’ Connell) to ‘scour’ himself of his deep-rooted guilt.

Among the three estimable stars, Jack O’ Connell delivers timeless portrayal of the tormented character.  His bruising act as the alcoholic is one for the ages, as he cleanses himself on stage with and without clothes. The English actor has been making a name for himself in British film, theatre and TV, since his big break in 2006. He has performed in leading roles such as; ‘The Cradle’, ‘Netflix’s Godless’, and ‘Against all Odds.’  He is perfectly paired with the Golden Globe Award® nominee Sienna Miller, who has had a successful track record in the film and theatre industry.  Shedding her dignity and pride, Miller gives a credible performance as Maggie, setting the bar higher than in previous roles.  The perplexed couple is supported by an emotional performance from Lisa Palfrey as a mini-dressed ‘Big Mama’, whose verbal ferocity plunges the cast into dark places.

The music is by Jed Kurzel and the set is designed by Magda Willi, who has taken some risks in capturing the tension between Brick, and his wife, Maggie, who yearns for the intimacy they once enjoyed.

Andrews and his team explores the truth behind family complexity in this melodrama and that life never glows more fiercely than in the shadow of death.

National Theatre performances, recorded live and made available to cinemas around the world, can be seen at Palace Cineplex on scheduled Sundays at 11:30 pm. NT Live is the National Theatre’s groundbreaking initiative to broadcast theatre live from the stage to cinemas around the world. Each performance is captured and broadcast live (or ‘as live’, depending on location) via satellite to over 2000 venues in more than 40 countries. The success of NT Live has created more interest in going to the theatre.

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